Casa Lydia

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19 Glover Road, Ikoyi






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Reviews for Casa Lydia

  • Omolabake Martins (2 years ago)

    Bronze Member

    FOOD IS AWESOME. they have a spicy sea food pasta that I don't think I can get tired of.

  • Emmanuel Dominic (2 years ago)

    Gold Member

    First time i was told about the place, i thought it was just a restaurant, but it was actually a hotel. I would recommend the do something about the parking space, it is not that funny. My stay was brief but as always i tried to make maximum use of it, visited the restaurant there and tried new things. The cook was excellent, the atmosphere is serene, but the hands there are should i say not enough. The supervisor or whoever is in charge of the staffs should sit up. overall, i will still go back there again

  • Kunbi Disu (3 years ago)

    Love the location, super convenient for me. I do however dislike the parking situation. Been lucky to have had a pretty decent experience all times I've been there, with the food and the service - the BUT still lies in service times, its not the best but its not the worst either. It gets too chilly inside there sometimes (you can move outside though) but otherwise I actually like the place overall

  • Oduola Osunloye (3 years ago)

    I eat here often and I cant recall a time the service was fast. They are either understaffed or the staff are gathered at the bar and not attending to customers. Sometimes, they come and borrow your menu to attend to other customers lol, but I love the food so I keep going back, mediocre service and all.

  • Yinka Agbi (3 years ago)

    Silver Member

    I ate here with a friend a few years ago, it took almost an hour to get my food, but the food was pretty good.

  • Tejumola (3 years ago)

    Gold Member

    Sea food pasta is everything! They also have amazing salads. Check them out!

  • Taiwo Fanimokun (3 years ago)

    Good food that's very affordable!

  • jadesola Onilenla (3 years ago)

    Silver Member

    Im sure EVERYONE knows Casalydia. I went there for the first time maybe in 2011 based on a referral, and ive always gone back. They have fantastic platters, i especially like the one with white rice, seafood and a mustard yellow sauce ( whatever the name is, its fantastic). Their cream based sea food pasta is always a hit, always. whenever i don't eat this while im there, i buy it to take away Their cocktails are fantastic as well; i however find myself complaining about their service delivery time. It takes too darn long. Try this white rice seafood platter or the cream base seafood pasta,you will come back to thank me :)