Caspers and Gambini

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3 Agoro Odiyan St, Victoria Island Lagos






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Reviews for Caspers and Gambini

  • jadesola Onilenla (2 years ago)

    Silver Member

    I've eaten a variety of meals here, but this pasta is......... I will admit I love pasta in any form- macaroni, linguine, fettucini, name it. Pasta was probably the first meal i learned to cook for myself, so maybe I get a little too excited about pasta, even when it's just "okay". But I will be doing this community a huge disservice if I don’t review the cream base pasta at Casper and Gambini, Lagos. I have been in Nigeria for 10 days, and I've eaten it every day. No jokes Its presented on the menu as cream base seafood linguine, or something of that sort. The first time i ordered it, i switched the linguine for spaghetti- because I've learnt over time that linguine is resistant to soaking up bases/sauces, and cream base doesn't have that much time before it dries out (reheating cream base food is not acceptable, if you do this please, please please stop it starting from today). Cooking cream is a bit bland so I asked them to spice up my cream base. I present to you, the BEST cream-based pasta I've ever tasted. Look, I’m a cream pasta lover, so I've had it in 5 continents, across tens of countries, I kid you not, it doesn't get better than this. The secret is probably the perfect mix of cream and perfectly apportioned spice- the dynamic duo that has proven to elevate any dish. Secrets are not relevant here, this meal is literally a happy meal, that's all you need to know. The prawns are well marinated and yummy (if you eat out a lot in Lagos you will appreciate this, most restaurants cant be too bothered to leave the prawns some time allowance to soak in the spice), the calamari is cooked to perfection and still crunchy, the pasta is perfectly al-dente, the cherry tomatoes are fresh, ill tell you for free- this meal is undefeated. The last time i was there, i decided it will be my last time there in a while, i wanted to go try something else, somewhere else. I asked for the salmon to be left out, because i’m not very big on fish, the chef then decided substitute it for mushrooms- GAME OVER, i was back there the very next day. At the point where had 10 receipts - I asked for a free meal: the manager said he appreciates my patronage but the meal was too expensive. I rolled my eyes, because oh, it's expensive to offer me a free plate but I've been paying full price for almost 2 weeks? In fairness to him ,he offered me complimentary dessert instead. I don't eat sugar, so I passed. I was disappointed, but how disappointed was I if I'm currently there ordering another plate as I type this?

  • Abby I. (2 years ago)

    Gold Member

    Still not sure what the hype was about lol I mean, the food is alright, but it is not something I would miss if I didn’t eat it.

  • Anita Precious (2 years ago)

    Bronze Member

    I really love Casper and Gambinis and to think before I went there friends discouraged me but I am glad I tried them out because I was very impressed. If you’re looking for the typical African food then you shouldn’t be going here... I am obsessed with their club sandwich and it is so large I can’t finish it in one seating I always end up with a take way pack.

  • Omolabake Martins (2 years ago)

    Bronze Member

    Food is awesome but takes forever.

  • Nenye iisiomaluvin (2 years ago)

    Gold Member

    I so loved their customer services it was so Proffessional tasty meals as well I hope to be there again.

  • Ayo A (2 years ago)

    Silver Member

    The food is quite good but the pizza is so oily and I hate that. Lovely ambiance, typical Victoria Island parking space,bad customer service.

  • CHRISTINE TOGUN (2 years ago)

    Silver Member

    Good food . To impress a foodie like me takes a lot and this certainly impressed me

  • Busola Ojora (2 years ago)

    Great Food and Ambience. Not so good customer service.