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Reviews for Eat Drink Festival

  • Anayo Hale (2 years ago)

    Community Leader

    All in all, it was a good turnout/social gathering, getting to meet a lot of Nepal’s and new faces, But a lot of work needs to be done from an organisational/ managerial point of view. In gatherings like these, you are sure to have a lot of people, meaning a lot of cars and there should be available parking spaces which was made. But the traffic to get in and out could have been properly managed, It took me hours to drive out of a particular spot I was.. There was literally nobody to control traffic.. That almost spoilt my happy mood .. But asides that There was so much to eat and drink, I literally went him on a full stomach. Ald come back for sure, But they need to do something bout the annoying traffic going n coming out.

  • Oyinda Odunsi (3 years ago)

    It wasn't a pleasant experience . From parking , to the long queues for food and food not being ready . I think the organizers have a lot of things to work on . I will not be attending this event again ,or at least till they find a way to make it work. Thumbs up on the work on Instagram though. Everybody in Lagos showed up for this event.

  • Abi Olayinka (3 years ago)

    Eat drink festival was a fun place to be. I had a chance of mingling with different people who had a passion for food.

  • Yinka Agbi (3 years ago)

    Silver Member

    I attended this in 2015, the food was pretty good (long lines though) and it was a great way to catch up with friends. I wouldn't go again though.

  • Taiwo Fanimokun (3 years ago)

    Although it was a good turnout/social gathering, a lot of work needs to be done from an organisational point of view. While there was plenty of parking, the traffic to get in and out could have been better managed.

  • Titi Craig (3 years ago)

    Like everything in Lagos, I felt like this event was overhyped especially since it happened over the Christmas Break. Once I got there around 5PM, the security at the gate proved difficult. From my car, I could see that the gate was shut and people were waiting outside for no reasonable reason. This also caused loads of traffic since it is the same entrance that cars were let in and out. Finally got in and after the long trek to the venue- had no maps so wasn't sure where each vendor was - i just ended up using it as a way to meet up and left. The traffic to leave made it so not worth it at the end. I didn't eat anything so I have no opinions on the food, the location was a BUST since it proved difficult to get around.