Kilishi Park/Market

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Area 1 Shopping Complex, Abuja

Food & Lifestyle

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Reviews for Kilishi Park/Market

  • Ayomi Osho (1 year ago)

    The average response of every Nigerian when you tell them you're going to Abuja is 'Buy kilishi for me o' (including yours truly), however, you find out that the stuff they sell at the airport is overpriced and prepacked, no negotiations (my ijebu blood revolts). Imagine how pleased I was to discover the kilishi market, right inside the city...the different flavors, spices, shapes and, you can get kilishi for as low as #500, shredded beef and shredded chicken too, plus while you're making the purchase, the nice sellers will keep ploughing you with 'tasting'...and I for one adore free stuff...Area 1 Kilishi market in Abuja, 10/10!