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  • Choice Dental (2 years ago)

    The state of the art facilities, great customer service and professional staff make going to the dentist a whole lot easier. Been a loyal customer for 3 years with zero complaints.

  • Garment Care (2 years ago)

    My family has been using Garment Care Drycleaning since they opened close to 20 years ago. There's a reason why we are loyal customers - they are just that good! They have tackled almost every cleaning challenge we have thrown their way, from delicate silk fabrics, damaged leather purses, ripped suit lapels, stained clothes, beaded aso ebi, you name it! They have fixed it all with a smile. They even have an app now to simplify your drop off, delivery and pick up process. And as long-time customers, we get free gifts from time to time so we stay faithful despite the high price tag lol

  • Big props to Tastee for holding strong all these years in spite of the recent influx of foreign fast food places like Dominoes, Johnny Rockets and their direct competitor KFC (who probably has a solid case against them for copyright infringement lol). Their food is still good, especially their charcolite chicken (yum yum!). 2 thumbs up!

  • This beautiful, serene and quiet park is typically used for weddings, photoshoots, concerts, fairs and other events, but is also a great place to just relax and take in the scenery. I believe it is free to enter, though they may charge a fee for events.

  • Good news for our fitfam folks! Upbeat has come to upgrade your fitness routine and make working out more exciting. After seeing their massive indoor trampoline park, go-karts, bikes, football pitch and basketball court overlooking the water, this gym addict fell in love. I hear a fitness center is in the works. Prices start at 3000 naira (3500 on the weekends) for an hour of activity. There's also a Johnny Rockets and Hans & Rene on site to carb it up. Maybe they should offer some healthier options, but who am I to turn down the Almighty Agbalumo Sorbet? Check it out and you might just see me free jumping there cos I intend to never leave lol

  • Nok by Alara (2 years ago)

    Nok Restaurant elevates African food to a whole new level! I love the innovation and creativity in their dishes - their Chef is constantly switching things up so the menu is never the same. Nok just screams Afrocentrism- from it’s burnt orange walls to the funky chairs and the cool salt and pepper shakers, everything has a distinct African touch. The concept store (Alara) connected to the restaurant is a unique space where they hold fashion shows, showcase African art and sell African high end designer items. Everything about Alara is so aesthetically pleasing. I recommend going for Thank Nok It’s Friday’s which is held in the Nok Garden. Fooseball and cocktails anyone?

  • Craft Gourmet (2 years ago)

    After my first experience at Craft Gourmet, I swore I’ll never return. Super psyched about the reviews, I was eager to try them out for brunch. The owner (his name is Lou, I think?) was a bit overwhelmed with the number of walkins and reservations so things got mixed up. I ended up waiting over an hour to be seated. After I noticed that my brunch date was slowly changing into dinner, I yelled at him for keeping us waiting that long. To his credit, Lou took it all in stride and seated us in the best corner of the restaurant. He gave me a free mimosa, and did some substitutions free of charge. The next time I went to Craft Gourmet, he recognized me, smiled and then proceeded to give me recommendations. Others might have picked race after being shouted at but Lou said he was glad I was giving them another try. And even though I had to cancel our co-planned surprise birthday brunch for my mother (my mother’s friends’ preferred hotel brunch instead), he graciously said he was looking forward to seeing me dine with them again. Now that’s what I call service!

  • The Wheatbaker (2 years ago)

    Cute and cosy hotel nestled in a quiet corner of Ikoyi. The contemporary style, tree-lined exterior and friendly staff make it feel like an urban oasis in the heart of the city. The rooms and fitness center are modern and decently sized. Be careful that you don't use up all your high speed internet so you have to either pay to continue usage or opt for a slower speed (lessons learned!). You can tell a lot of thought went into the layout of the hotel: there is a bar, cocktail area and business center right outside the huge conference room making meetings very convenient, the restaurant seating is spread out into different areas so it doesn't feel crowded and the fitness center overlooks the pool so you get a nice view while working out. Can't say enough good things about this place. The Wheatbaker hosts art exhibitions from time to time, so be sure to check those out too!

  • Stayed here for a few days recently and I really enjoyed it. The staff are very attentive and professional- I love that they serve you a glass of orange juice while you are checking in. The rooms are hugeeee! It's big enough for a standard size desk AND a loveseat, couch and coffee table in addition to a king-size bed. Alas, I did not have a pool view (lol) but at least my street-side room was very quiet, even at night. The ambiance, pool, fitness center, food, game area, bar...exceptional! I also love that wherever you sit, there is a view- whether of the outdoors, or the awesome interior decor of the hotel. My one complaint is that some of the artwork around the hotel seemed random and not very cohesive with the overall theme, but hey, I am an artfreak so feel free to take this with a grain of salt. Overall, very happy with my visit.

  • Hello art lovers! Does the name African Artists' Foundation (AAF) sound familiar? They organize the annual LagosPhoto Festival, the only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. AAF has taken up residence in Ikoyi in a pretty tricked out space where they host art exhibitions, film screenings, artist talks and other events like pop-up art shows and such. Check out their website for more info, and support local artists, culture and history!

  • The LagosPhoto Festival is the only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. Artists come from all around the world to showcase their work based on the festival's theme. Workshops, film screenings, artist talks, amateur competitions, and a Party in the Park are also held, all for free. Sadly, I don't think this event gets as much credit as it deserves from the local Nigerian community as it is usually packed with foreigners. Seeing as everyone is into photography these days, you would think it will be more popular (lol). The next LagosPhoto Festival will be held 24th November - 15th December 2017, and the theme this year is Regime of Truth. Their website and instagram should have more details. And they say there is nothing to do in Lagos smh lol

  • This place is so beautiful and serene you almost forget you’re in Lagos (almost lol). The tour guides are happy to show you all the wildlife, rare plants and old trees there. Alas, my liver failed me at the canopy walk but I bet you get an amazing view up there.

  • The Backyard (2 years ago)

    Can't say enough good things about this place. The price might be a bit steep, but considering you're paying for great food, customer service and an amazing ambiance, I'll say it is definitely worth it. The layout is well thought out and purposeful- it has intimate eating areas with ample seating both inside and out so you can enjoy your meal without eyeing the loud people at the table next to you lol Don't think you even need to make an appointment- if the place is fully booked, they'll let you sit in their secluded lounge area with private bathroom where you can order appetizers and drinks, and watch tv while waiting for a table to free up. Parking is also good too. Do yourself a favor and check it out! If you need any more convincing, the bench outside is a favorite for Instagram photos :)

  • Vestar Coffee (2 years ago)

    After Sao Cafe broke my heart with their currently terrible food & service, I decided to explore other places for after-work meetups and stumbled on this gem. This cute cafe is perfect for Coffee & Chill- they are open till like 9/10 so you can def make it here to hang out after work before heading out to the battlefield that is Lagos traffic lol Their beverages and snacks are decent, but as someone said, you might have to sample the chairs to get the right fit. Plenty of outlets here so no worries about charging phones or laptops. I'll recommend parking street-side so you're not being called every 5 mins to move your car.

  • Looking for something cool and unusual to do? Then you should def attend one of Paint the Night Africa's events! I've been both alone and with others, and it was a ton of fun. Their paint night socials (i.e. group painting sessions with an instructor) hold at various restaurants with Bottles being a popular favorite. Don't worry about not being gifted like Picasso - most times people are so tipsy from the free shots that they don't even know what the hell they are painting. And their peppy art instructor will enthusiastically walk you through the painting process using simple, easy steps. Sign up & start painting! Check @ptnafrica for more details.

  • Nike Art Gallery is amazing! Went with my cousin and her young twin daughters for a girl's day trip. I had a great time teaching the kids about the culture and history of Nigeria through the artwork, that is, until they (embarrassingly) ran into Nike Davis' studio on the third floor. Nike herself was there talking to the staff about some new exhibitions. To our surprise, Nike kindly waved off our apologies, straddled one of the kids on her hips and locked hands with the other, calling them "my daughters of Africa", and started explaining the significance of the artwork to them. It was nice visiting a place where the owner feels passionate and enthusiastic about their work. The food in the outside cafe was not too bad either. Definitely will be making repeat visits.

  • Customer service at Blackbell is amazing!!! The manager gave my little cousin and I free cupcakes when we told him we were having our girl's night dinner there (like when does that ever happen in Naija?) We got the calamari for appetizers, then fish and shrimp for our main course. The servings were pretty was the food and cupcakes! Been ordering from there ever since. P.S. the parking is a bit tight given the small parking lot but they've been very good at coordinating that so far so no complaints here!

  • Stumbled here to attend an outdoor jazz concert on a Saturday night. The concert got canceled midway due to heavy rain which destroyed the musicians' instruments (no joke). I didn't get a chance to try the food so my ratings are based on their killer view. The outside patio area is massive, and overlooks Radisson Blu, Intercontinental and Churrascos, all of which light up at night. It is probably the most colorful skyline night view Lagos Island has to offer. I'm planning to return once rainy season is over lol

  • ArtXLagos (2 years ago)

    Really really really enjoyed ArtX Lagos 2017. I was amazed by the sheer talent and innovation we have here in Nigeria. Tons of people showed up which this is great news for the local art scene because they are finally getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve. However, it was also very crowded, and navigating in and out of spaces was a bit tricky. Parking was also a nightmare (glad I took an Uber). Hopefully they can secure a bigger space next year. But overall, 5 stars. I will definitely attend again.

  • Orchid Bistro is adorable. Their garden is a perfect spot for after-church brunch. However, if you would rather not fight with flies for your food, the indoor cafe is equally Instaworthy. Food tastes good though it may take a minute.

  • Oriki Spa (2 years ago)

    Going to Oriki Spa is a real treat. From the minute you drive up on quiet Ojo Olobun street to their small brick building surrounded by tall, mature trees, you already feel ease. They cater to all your beauty needs- threading, waxing, facials, massages, you name it! Ask for Glory, she has magic hands. I also love that their products are all natural. Spoil yourself and give them a try!

  • Pretty neat boat rental. The tours are operated by the Prest Cruise Waterfront Hotel, and they can provide a DJ and caterer if you need one. The ramp that leads to the boat is a bit on the scary side - navigating my way in heels was not the smartest idea lol The ride itself was very nice and the crew very helpful.

  • Stranger Lagos (2 years ago)

    Wasn't really sure how to categorize Stranger Lagos it a cafe, boutique, or an arthouse theater? No one knows. It is, however, a mecca for everything artsy, cultural and unique. There always seems to be something happening at Stranger, whether it is game night, film screenings, book readings, fashion shows or the famous Fish Lady, you can find it all there. It is also a great place to meet up with other creative minds who are friendly and eager to tell you about their latest artwork. Note: it is a bit tricky to find, and you can only go by appt or for an event. Sign up to their newsletter to hear about their upcoming activities.

  • Sailor's Lounge (2 years ago)

    Sailor's nautical theme can be seen throughout their building and floating bar which is surrounded by sweeping water views. You can even rent a boat from them or pull up in your own if you fancy like that. Their live band on Thursday and Sunday nights is really good, and sometimes they put up a huge projector screen outside to show sports. Food is great too! I just wish they had a dedicated smoking area tho, cos I always leave smelling like smoke and raising a lot of eyebrows when I get home lol

  • Lean Hub Library (2 years ago)

    Quiet co-working and study space hidden in Lekki. Frequented by students, lawyers and other professionals, this is an ideal place to get work done. They've quiet rooms equipped with tons of computer systems and free tea if you need that. The internet has been a bit spotty the last couple of times I went so I took a star off for that.

  • Bottles (2 years ago)

    Their food is just meh. I was expecting REAL Tex Mex food but maybe I set the bar too high lol I do love the drinks and chill vibe of the place tho. They hold salsa night there sometimes too.

  • Art Cafe (2 years ago)

    Art Cafe's cute & quirky vibe is ideal for lowkey hangouts and waiting out Lagos traffic. It's well liked for its artsy boho chic decor, super fast wifi, coffee and small art gallery downstairs by the expat/foreigner hipster crowd who frequent there. The that's a different story. I would not recommend going there when you are hungry- the food is just ok and it takes forever to arrive. It's not a Michelin star- just a fun place to hang out.

  • Gorgeous backdrop for weddings! The water views and lights from the Lekki bridge made my cousin's Parisian themed wedding feel extra special.

  • Like everyone said, the sharwama is on point! I haven't had anything else there except for that. The space is pretty neat, and they're open till pretty late

  • Still not sure what the hype was about lol I mean, the food is alright, but it is not something I would miss if I didn’t eat it.

  • Why can't these event centers ever have enough parking? The venue itself is very large so you would think their parking lot will be big enough to accommodate guests. Outside of that, I have very few complaints.

  • Food may be pricey, but it is definitely worth it. The food is pretty good and they are very generous with their servings. If you happen to be there during Lagos Restaurant Week, you should check out their special prix fixe menu- I didn't get anything on it cos money no reach but they had some really interesting options

  • Love love love their salads! They are probably the freshest in all of Lagos. Took off a star for their serious wait times.

  • Great after work drinks spot

  • Crust and Cream (2 years ago)

    Crust and Cream has a very extensive menu and very neat outdoor eating area. As for inside, the setup is not very cohesive as all the eating areas are sectioned off weirdly. I guess this makes it great for parties (?) The food was pretty good (I got the suya calamari while my friend got the pasta); the helpings were generous for the price too. My waiter was a little too involved lol but I guess too much customer service is better than no customer service. Not bad overall

  • Sugarcane (2 years ago)

    Took my mother here for Mother's Day because she loves their salmon (I had not been there prior). I personally don't think they offer anything you haven't seen before- salmon, chicken, etc. but the waiters are nice, the interior design is amazing and the flowery outdoor decor to the side is pretty cool. They do not have enough parking though, but that's a common Lagos complaint lol Their freshly squeezed lemonade is dah bomb- might return just for that.

  • Hardrock cafe (2 years ago)

    I was eager to check out the Nigerian version of this iconic restaurant, and fortunately, it did not disappoint. Just like the other franchises, its walls are adorned with memorabilia from rock and roll legends. I love that they gave it a local twist, featuring pieces from King Sunny Ade and other Nigerian favorites. As for the food...I think it was just ok. The portion sizes were huge, but tasted average (just like every other Hard Rock Cafe tbh). Their drinks were great though. The place is usually packed, especially since Landmark is so close by. Also, they host a ton of events there so it's def worth a visit.

  • A true art lover's haven. They have everything here- beads, dresses, shoes, purses, artwork, furniture, you name it. I usually come here to buy gifts for people. And yeah, as someone mentioned, haggle so you get a good deal. The parking is horrible tho.

  • Olumo Rock (2 years ago)

    Most of us probably went here as part of a school trip, but visiting as an adult is like a whole other experience. That thing is huggeeee! Apparently it's half the size of the Eiffel tower. They've recently added a museum, restaurant and an elevator. There's also a small market nearby selling souvenirs.The tour guides are very knowledgeable- they will tell you all about our amazing history while taking you through the twists and turns in the rock. I think the gate fee was about 700 naira, plus an additional 200 for parking. The facilities are a bit run down tbh, but it is definitely worth a visit.

  • Farm City (2 years ago)

    If you want a decent meal for a decent price by the water, then Farm City is your best bet. The grilled fish with chips is my favorite. The portion sizes are huge and their outdoor deck on the water provides a nice, cool breeze. It can get really crowded, especially at night. Also be prepared to get very creative when parking, as their lot can only hold like 5 cars.

  • Bay Lounge (2 years ago)

    At this point, I can safely say I am over Bay Lounge. The food takes forever to arrive, the drinks are horrible and everything is terribly overpriced! I once waited over 45 mins for common chicken wings that didn't even taste good. I gave it 3 stars for views, parking and ambiance but you can't drag me there with a 10 foot pole.

  • Sixt Car Rental (2 years ago)

    My office uses them mostly for airport pickups/dropoffs and work events. Overall, they do an okay job and their cars are pretty decent. Sometimes the drivers show up late or they can't find your pickup location, but in general they work just fine.

  • Foundry (2 years ago)

    They really need to clean up that damn pool lol It was at the Foundry that my IJGB self got slapped with the reality of Lagos recession prices haha They also had nothing I wanted on the menu (eye roll) and their POS machine didn't work. I'll give them credit for their drinks; that bartender really knows how to drop a caipirinha. And the food, once I finally was able to order something that was available, was pretty good. But with those tight sitting areas and 35 min food delivery, I think I can wait a while till my next visit.

  • SAO CAFE (2 years ago)

    Not sure what is happening to Sao these days lol They used to be on point with their food and service, but now it seems like they just don't care. The past 3 times I went, many options on the menu were unavailable, the cook was either out or sleeping, no one was at the front taking orders and the bartender messed up my drink. At this point, I've ditched them for Farm City. My 3 stars is basically out of loyalty for what they used to be.

  • Freedom Park (2 years ago)

    Fun Fact: Freedom Park was formerly a prison yard but has now been converted into a historical landmark. There are still some small cells and other relics from the past there to see. The gardens and water fountain are beautiful but not well-maintained. The place is mostly used for live concerts, art shows and other events. There's a small art studio there now and some low-budget restaurants to keep your stomach and wallet happy. It is a fun, casual place to hang out (you can BYOB) but there's not really much for sightseeing.

  • This is a part of our history that should never be forgotten. It was heartbreaking to hear not only about injustice of slavery, but that the museum and surrounding landmarks are not being properly preserved. The artifacts contained in these places such as the chains, first umbrella and other irreplaceable pieces of history are in a state of disrepair. I even learned that people are now living in the slave cells (what a sad irony) because of lack of proper housing in the area. Badagry is full of history that you can explore just by walking around. Start first at the Slave Museum then walk to the first well, African museum, first story building, Oba's Palace, Heritage museum and Agia Tree monument. A guide or any local can show you the way. End your trip by boarding a boat (haggle the price) at the Slave Port and walking the same route the slaves did to the Point of No Return. Truly a humbling experience.

  • There's no better way to say this: this place is falling apart. It was amazing back in the day, but they really lack maintenance. It is still a great spot for weddings with its big halls & ample parking (hence the two stars), but as for the hotel & restaurant, please count me out. Family friends dropped big money for my uncle's birthday dinner back in Aug 2017. While eating, I noticed two huge rats, yes rats, come out from the back door where the waiters were entering, and play footsie with each other before running off to nibble on the curtain. Best believe I pushed my plate of szechuan 'beef' far away from me as possible. The other members of the party pushed theirs too, but because the food was really awful. I mean, how does a hotel founded by chinese people displaying chinese culture not know how to cook chinese food??? I also couldn't help noticing the place looked a lil run down. Even our kind and attentive waiter had two holes in his uniform and a torn collar. I couldn't drive away fast enough!

  • Sighhh where do I begin? My office in NYC organized a highly televised event at the Intercontinental to highlight the work we were doing in West Africa in 2014- what a mistake. The conference room was not set up even though it was only minutes to the start of the event, which mind you, was being live streamed. Struggling with jetlag, we started arranging chairs so as not to embarrass ourselves to the whole world. To make matters worse, the food we ordered for the lunch buffet arrived late and cold. By this time, our guests were starving, angry and tired from having to wait longer than necessary for the event to start. And of course, the servers brought the wrong food so our poor foreign clients were trying to understand how to eat pounded yam using fork & knife (it was supposed to be jollof). We called the head chef to complain and somehow he thought it was a good idea to show up to meet us in our conference room with a bloodied apron which was stained with goats and chickens [he] had to slay to get our food ready on time" (his words) Oh and did I mention that the water got caught off so we had to relocate our clients to another hotel so they could shower in time for their flight out of Nigeria? It was truly the horror story from hell. The best part of this Intercontinental disaster was checking out and returning to The Abroad. Never again"

  • Do we even need to write a review for this LOL You all know it's terrible. Be prepared to wait for hours just to deal with mean-spirited, overworked & underpaid civil servants who just may flash you a brief smile and process your paperwork on time if you drop a lil something lol At any NIS location sha, whether in Nigeria or the Abroad, patience is a virtue.

  • My office usually orders from here for work events. Their catered food is a hit or miss- it's like russian roulette with their jollof rice. Though they will put in a little extra effort if your event includes foreigners lol BUTTTT I got pretty bad food poisoning from their egg sandwiches and fancy creamy avocado 'Oyinbo Special' salads so now I bring my own food to work events. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.