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  • Bismid cosmetics (2 years ago)

    Bismid is the one stop place if you are seeking to have an amazing time for spa , facials and generally just to pamper yourself as it is also affordable. Yes their facials go for #1000 and you will feel brand new after. Another thing that caught my attention is their service for consultation. It's on a first come first serve basis no matter who you are. And yes I use their bath gel and it's scent is so amazing and my skin is getting so nice. Summer skin loading

  • Gomywayafrica (2 years ago)

    When I first got to Lagos and started working I spent so much on transport and the stress added to it was crazy until I got introduced to go my way and joined. I had the most amazing ride buddies. The rides were comfortable and very affordable as I payed only 250 from surulere to Alausa which was pocket friendly for me as opposed to a higher amount I would have paid with the stress involved from changing vehicles. The driver was friendly too and I totally enjoyed my rides to work always

  • I attended a wedding in May planned by this wonderful brand and I was totally wowed. From the settings to the decorations to every little detailed they had it covered. I had to go stalk their Instagram page after that to just droll and observe. They did an excellent job

  • This make up company has totally won over my heart. I went there for make up and I was transformed and I left with an amazing impression of the brand. I had my make up done and I really loved it . The look I got wasn't one of those exaggerated looks make up gives to people. The lady doing my make up was really lovely as she made sure I was comfortable. And I even got offered small chops 😀On the house. My photos taken there are still my all time favorite and I've uploaded some for you all to see

  • I went there for a wedding in May and it's easy to locate and at a nice location. Close to the road but not too close for the passing traffic to disturb you. Now I entered and the hall was big enough and the AC was really working cause upon the massive crowd the place wasn't hot at all. Trust me to scan around the environment. The backyard wasn't really neat as they had a place where the food can be served well. The toilet was also really neat as I went there at a point where any event center that didn't have an effective person cleaning will be caught red handed. But anyway it's a lovely place for events.

  • I missed my graduation dinner so my friend took me there to make up for it. Amazing food as we sat back to watch a match. The waiters and staff were pleasant and even helped with the selection of our meal. We had a perfect pool view as we enjoyed our meal which was so much that we had to take some back. Lovely experience.

  • THE GIFTS GENIE (2 years ago)

    A professional gift service company that helps you prepare the most amazing gift packages for your loved ones while working within your budget.

  • Apart from my love for food I also have a love and passion for fashion and im proud to say that the Toju Foyeh brand is one I look up to . Each and every piece of art (clothes) she makes are so amazing and unique and it's inspiring to see such a young Person doing so amazing. I recommend her work for any female out there

  • RED DISH (2 years ago)

    Chef Stone and his team come together to create magic

  • The name of cause caught me and I wanted to try if they really knew their Roasting skills well and I totally loved their Suya .

  • Bukka Hut (2 years ago)

    I had yam porridge dodo and snail and it was really tasty as it had this home effect to it . They also had a side for smoothies but I guess when next I got here I will try that . In it all it had the home away from home food taste

  • CocoribbonNG (2 years ago)

    The doughnuts come in an amazing pink box with a ribbon on it . Then the first sight of the doughnuts will leave you breathless then talk less of the taste.

  • Villa Delish (2 years ago)

    They have flash deals so I got to see one of white rice goat meat and palm nut stew for N990 so I ordered for two packs for my boyfriend and I as I wanted to surprise him for lunch at his office . The staff helped me out with the surprise and it went well and we enjoyed the meal so much

  • Was looking for a place to have dinner and strolled in here to have mine. The staff were lovely and service was prompt. Also the scenery was nice as I had my meal and relaxed while watching a football match

  • Commint Buka (2 years ago)

    Commit bukka has been my favorite since I came to Lagos 2015 and I used to go there straight from church. Their food from their rice to yam porridge to their perfectly fried plantain and my all time favorite amala. Their service is quite prompt and the environment is neat . I sure get value for my money always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I went there in the eveninh for a girls cheat day ice cream moment and it was lovely. Well I didn't have much money so I settled for the cone ice cream and I took two flavors. The environment is lovely as we had our time to seat back and talk well without any disturbance. Also it also makes an excellent Snapchat story location and for bloggers too the wall photos and all add as excellent props . And yeah the staff were friendly too

  • I Came here for a book review by one of the most awesome female authors in Nigerian where she was having her book launch and book reading. The place was very nice. Spacious and also very organized. The seats were all good and also they had this space for a food bar where food service was taking place . Their toilets were clean too and the place is also a beautiful place for your gram photos 😁

  • I've been there during the day and also at night so I guess I've seen the best of both times . It's okay they even have this comedy club every Wednesday which supports upcoming acts plus renowned acts too. Music is good their prices are okay for a lounge.

  • Good food . To impress a foodie like me takes a lot and this certainly impressed me

  • LUTH (2 years ago)

    Was admitted a month ago here and it has its very good and terrible sides but warning don't go to luth alone if you are sick cause the stress will be the one to make you worse. Now they have this amazing 30 minutes lecture in the section I went to that educates us on general health. The staff are very lovely and helpful which shocked me

  • They have massive portions as I always have to take away my food I'm yet to finish every time I go there and that's a thumbs up for me so I get value for my money spent in that aspect. The service is nice and the place neat. Location is good and strategic and easy to locate too

  • I went there for a world bartendes competition which held in May and it was a lovely experience. The environment is so beautiful and I was actually amazed .

  • GTBank (2 years ago)

    GTBank is a nice bank as their environment and staff are pleasant . The only thing not so nice is their charges and service fees

  • Landmark Center (2 years ago)

    The first thing to impress me about this particular event center was it's massive parking space as it wasn't difficult to find parking space and we also didn't get blocked by another car where we parked. Also because of its location the whole environment was so windy and felt refreshing to walk around.

  • As a die hard foodie I have been their staunch follower on their Instagram social media page and I am glad to say I love what I see there. Recently they held a giveaway in conjunction with the social prefect blog and the recipients of the meals had nothing but amazing words to say

  • KFC (2 years ago)

    It was a sunday morning and I was really hungry so decided to go get breakfast here and I had their burger . Well it was tasty but I noticed it wasn't a fresh bun they used for their burger and in an attempt to make it hot it got really brown but my hunger didn't allow me to complain that much and their staff were lovely

  • Road Chef (2 years ago)

    the location is nice and for an all day all night food service company I give them a thumbs up. Their buffalow wings are so tasty . And customer service is excellent

  • Dominos Pizza (2 years ago)

    Their pizza is nice and tasty Their prices are not so friendly anymore but still affordable a bit. Nice environment also as it's comfortable to stay in for a long time. Staff are wonderful

  • Shoprite (2 years ago)

    Shoprite has become a household name for getting items at a cheaper rate and they have maintained that To a level over the years. They have sections for everything. From food (cooked and raw) to ingredients to party supplies to drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic, you name it . Their staff are nice too. I always get value for my money

  • Cold stone has been one of my favorite ice cream brands ever since they launched some years back. The various array of flavors they always have added to their staff who sometimes do the magic flavor mixing tricks and the general environment being cozy. Let me not get started on their ice cream cake which go for about 10,000 and above and totally worth it

  • Mega chicken (2 years ago)

    As their name suggest their chicken is definitely amazing. Great customer service and they have plenty options of food you can pick from so it gives you a better choice. Totally enjoyed my meal

  • I was at Cactus for my friends birthday dinner last year. It wasn't very easy to locate for us but we got it soon enough. I sort of like the privacy of the place. The Food was good and I liked the ambience. Customer service was average on the day we visited. I will definitely be visiting again

  • Their rooms are good and very comfortable with the display of artworks on the corridors too give it a nice finish. Their buffet is nice and for the quality of food they serve i believe it is reasonably priced. Their bar upstairs (rooftop) I recommend the Mogito. Security is okay as visitors will have to drop their identity and confirm before coming up to the rooms

  • Terrakulture (2 years ago)

    The first time I came here I went for the First Bank SME forex seminar held here and from outside the gate I already concluded how small the place might be but to my great shock it was bigger than I expected. The wonderful art welcoming us inside was nice. The hall was really nice and had this unique look to it. The AC was even over working as we had to request for it to be put off for sometime. In it all it was a nice place and their convenience(toilet) was okay and clean and the staff there were nice and very helpful

  • Hardrock cafe (2 years ago)

    My experience at hard rock is one I definetly won't forget. This is one place that took their name seriously in their decoration and they have records and guitar and hard rock themes displayed everywhere. When I got there I headed straight to the outdoor restaurant where I ordered for their burger and fries. The view was nice though it was night and of course the amazing ocean breeze too. The service wasn't so fast but it eventually came. The Burger was so big as I even Had to take the rest home with me. And I got to see some familiar faces and celebs like Basketmouth and Buchi so you might be lucky you might just run into one there. It was a nice experience quite crowded tho.

  • I stayed there December when I had an event to attend there and I had the best room ever where I was given a room which was directly above the pool and the view from there was breathtaking. Well just have enough money cause meals and water are not cheap. It was a nice and relaxing time for me and yes their wifi is super fast (thank me later)

  • Rhapsody's (2 years ago)

    The Rhapsody at Circle mall and Shoprite ICM are the ones I've been to and personally I've had a nice experience there. I always have their "virgin island" which is a non alcoholic mocktail which has a cotton candy and strawberry taste to it. Their bartenders are really nice and it's always calm and peaceful not too much activities. A wonderful place for selfies too cause their lighting is a soft blue that has a way of making the photos look super nice and clean (selfie tip)