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  • I had dinner with a friend last night at Talindos. He has steak (which they are popular for) I had some cream based pasta, The food was fresh, ambience on point, staff very polite and price was great as well. Will recommend Talindos to 'carnivores' who need a quiet place to demolish their meat

  • TerraKulture (3 years ago)

    TerraKulture is my go-to place when I want to spend an extended amount of time working/eating. The staff are generally friendly, and the environment permits you to stay around for an extended amount of time (they don't give that nasty 'here is your bill, you can leave now' sort of attitude you get at some restaurants) There's also a library here that can be subscribed to (daily,weekly, monthly etc); which is great as you can study and take food breaks in the same compound. The food (i almost always eat Nigerian food here) is decent, reasonably priced and a decent variety. Most importantly (though not the reason i come here), for art lovers, Terrakulture is the hub of art work; paintings, sculptures etc for sale. They also have a theater for stage plays and presentations- and a book store with a really impressive collection of locally written books and sourvenirs (african print slippers, purses, coconut oils etc) Will recommend terraK for freelance workers, or people who want to work outside their office environment for a few hours. Also a nice place to bring your non Nigerian friends visiting Nigeria.

  • Lets Just say I almost had a heart attack when I got here a few weeks ago and didn't find the Suya guys. I was about to call 911 when a security guard asked why I was looking confused. The Suya guys had relocated to a more enclosed space inside a new?? building next door. Hands down the BEST suya i ever had thats all i can say ; and its cheap and cheerful. The taste has been consistent over the years. I dont know if its a good thing that its just a few minutes away from my gym. its just somehow to go from ab classes to eating Suya buy hey.. I cant come, and go, and die...

  • Flat17Studio (3 years ago)

    Lets just say , Karen is in charge of my entire slay. The only 'tailor' that never has excuses; You can literally plan to attend an event on your appointment date with Karen. Very creative, I literally leave her to pick both my fabric and style. When its aso-ebi time, i send the fabric to her and leave her to do her magic .Her attention to detail is impeccable, clothes always fit like a glove. And her prices are great (this is so important in this recession) Try her, tell her I sent you! @flat17studio on instagram

  • Itunu Fabrics (3 years ago)

    Itunu has the best prices and fantastic fabric, i always look put for her 'promos' on Instagram.

  • As the name implies- All things printing related. I particularly like print center because i can email them whatever i need printed and stop by to pick it up and pay. So convenient!

  • I've eaten a variety of meals here, but this pasta is......... I will admit I love pasta in any form- macaroni, linguine, fettucini, name it. Pasta was probably the first meal i learned to cook for myself, so maybe I get a little too excited about pasta, even when it's just "okay". But I will be doing this community a huge disservice if I don’t review the cream base pasta at Casper and Gambini, Lagos. I have been in Nigeria for 10 days, and I've eaten it every day. No jokes Its presented on the menu as cream base seafood linguine, or something of that sort. The first time i ordered it, i switched the linguine for spaghetti- because I've learnt over time that linguine is resistant to soaking up bases/sauces, and cream base doesn't have that much time before it dries out (reheating cream base food is not acceptable, if you do this please, please please stop it starting from today). Cooking cream is a bit bland so I asked them to spice up my cream base. I present to you, the BEST cream-based pasta I've ever tasted. Look, I’m a cream pasta lover, so I've had it in 5 continents, across tens of countries, I kid you not, it doesn't get better than this. The secret is probably the perfect mix of cream and perfectly apportioned spice- the dynamic duo that has proven to elevate any dish. Secrets are not relevant here, this meal is literally a happy meal, that's all you need to know. The prawns are well marinated and yummy (if you eat out a lot in Lagos you will appreciate this, most restaurants cant be too bothered to leave the prawns some time allowance to soak in the spice), the calamari is cooked to perfection and still crunchy, the pasta is perfectly al-dente, the cherry tomatoes are fresh, ill tell you for free- this meal is undefeated. The last time i was there, i decided it will be my last time there in a while, i wanted to go try something else, somewhere else. I asked for the salmon to be left out, because i’m not very big on fish, the chef then decided substitute it for mushrooms- GAME OVER, i was back there the very next day. At the point where had 10 receipts - I asked for a free meal: the manager said he appreciates my patronage but the meal was too expensive. I rolled my eyes, because oh, it's expensive to offer me a free plate but I've been paying full price for almost 2 weeks? In fairness to him ,he offered me complimentary dessert instead. I don't eat sugar, so I passed. I was disappointed, but how disappointed was I if I'm currently there ordering another plate as I type this?

  • IPC Events (3 years ago)

    My first contact with Mosun, head of IPC events was in 2015, when she planned y sisters wedding. Shes hands on , Passionate and willing to go the extra mile for her brides. Ive seen her take on roles of driver (when the brides chauffeur didn't show up), tailor (when the brides zipped popped) etc Ive been to a couple events organized by her and its all the same flawless performance,

  • iPosh Looks (3 years ago)

    I haven't been made up by iposh her self, but Ive seen brides that have, and they turned out nice. Her (assistant) girls are really good as well , one of them made me up one time i was a bridesmaid and i wondered why the bride didn't use the said girl who probably costs waaaaay less..

  • Salt Lagos (3 years ago)

    Hands down one of the BEST BEST BEST cakes i've tasted, whatever they do to their cakes works for me. Whenever there's a birthday in my family, someone has to buy the person a salt llagos cake! A bit pricey, though

  • Partyfully yours (2 years ago)

    One stop place for bridal shower decor and gifts. Whenever I'm in charge of planning a shower or decorating a party venue, they're my first choice. The ladies in charge are also warm and very friendly when they come around to decorate

  • Hans & Rene (2 years ago)

    I was at H&R today like every weekend, and I wondered how I voluntarily walked into a store that charges NGN800 for a doughnut. A DAMN DOUGHNUT. As I entered my Card PIN into the payment machine, I realized I was getting value for my money for many reasons, and because my thoughts are usually arranged in points, i will list a few 1) There is always more than enough staff at the other end of the display, happily offering you free samples of the sorbets. The experience is simply-- refreshing. 2)The snacks are ALWAYS fresh, I've never had a complaint about their food quality. 3) The bathrooms are ALWAYS clean. Probably cleaned by spirits because I've never seen a cleaner loitering, but it's always clean (There is a selfie stand right in front of the bathrooms; such confidence, seeing as people always takes selfies right in front of a toilet without having to scrunch up their noses - it's unbelievable really. 4) They are consistently breaking the standards for creative sorbets in Lagos (standards created by them by the way). How agbalumo or zobo became frozen cream? I'll happily pay 800/ scoop 5)The quality of their staff- (I always secretly wonder if this doesn't drive up their overhead costs) but I'm happy to get served *Overpriced* cupcakes by nice looking fluent speakers. Well done H&R Team, ill be back again to happily pay NGN800 for A DAMN Doughnut

  • SLOT (3 years ago)

    All things phones and gadgets. And good thing is there's always SLOT somewhere around you. The prices are competitive and they have a warranty on all products. They are also my go to place for broken phone screens, missing cables, epileptic laptop etc etc

  • Dough (3 years ago)

    Soft, Succulent dougnuts

  • Kwamule Fabrics (3 years ago)

    Temilade really does have the most unique fabric but you pay a premium for that. Will recommend her for major occasions.

  • Omoge Creations (3 years ago)

    She has made a few dresses from my aunt and her finishing and creativity are impeccable. Her shop isn't in the most convenient place but people still find their way to her shop- that speaks for itself. She makes iro and buba looks more serious than it is.

  • laposh hair (2 years ago)

    I can't put in words how much I love every unit I've bought from laposh. I recommend her to everyone that cares to listen . The hair is perfect. Well colored , lush , bouncy . I can go on and on. And even more importantly the last behind the brand is lovely. Try her, for your own sake !

  • I use Zest concierge consistently, they come into my home once a week. I have tried MANY cleaning services; so believe me when I say I deserve a sit on the cleaning services jury. Zest is the BEST. The customer service is simply mindblowing. They remind you of your appointment 24-48hours before and let you know if they are running late. The Cleaners (Zestars) they send NEVER have any sort of offensive smell and trust me this is a huge deal. I have cleaning services come into my home and leave a horrible stench (that sort of cancels out the cleaning service really). They leave my floors SPARKLING clean. Will recommend Zest concierge to anyone who wants to have their homes/ offices cleaned regularly, professionally and at the best market prices

  • Yoga With Stacey (2 years ago)

  • Reasonably priced dessert that's fresh every time! I particularly like their strawberry cheesecake

  • Yellow chilli is one of my favourite go to places for home like food. I really like their white rice with ofada stew, and i know everyine goes on and on about their sea food okro. Decently priced food and comfortable environment . Additonal bonus; the owner is usually around (at the V/I branch) to check in and ensure customers are having a good time.

  • I've been taking take yoga classes at spa Lagos for over 2 years. Friendly prices, The instructor is always on time, the yoga room is always clean, the staff is ALWAYS polite and most important to me is the Sauna always functions. Because really what is yoga without the post yoga sauna session?

  • Vestar Coffee (2 years ago)

    I was invited for the launch of Vestar about 7 weeks ago, and I've recently started coming here regularly. For the most part, coffee is cofefe; what differentiates coffee shops are factors like location/proximity to town, ambiance, staff, and alternative edibles. I'll say they have better tasting sandwiches than their competitors in Lagos, and the parking space security guard is nice (will check again in a few weeks as this may be related to job novelty) May seem little but the tables don't have foot stands ( the chairs do) so a bit uncomfortable if you're going to be here for a while

  • Angle Villa (3 years ago)

    Though I end up sitting inside restaurants, I just really like when theres an option to sit outdoors. Angle villa is located somewhere off the beginning of admiralty, for those who insist on parking within the premises of their destination; you may struggle a bit as the parking space is limited. Angle Villa is my go to spot for cream based pasta, (fiercely competing with only Talindos steak house in VI and Casa Lydia in Ikoyi) - I like that i can insist on spaghetti which is my fave pasta type ( the default pasta for the cream base is linguine or penne i cant remember now, but i always ask for spaghetti). Everyone i have referred to for this pasta always has good feedback and end up returning there (behind my back lol) There's also a large variety of cocktails and finger foods, impressive range full meals too.

  • Casa Lydia (3 years ago)

    Im sure EVERYONE knows Casalydia. I went there for the first time maybe in 2011 based on a referral, and ive always gone back. They have fantastic platters, i especially like the one with white rice, seafood and a mustard yellow sauce ( whatever the name is, its fantastic). Their cream based sea food pasta is always a hit, always. whenever i don't eat this while im there, i buy it to take away Their cocktails are fantastic as well; i however find myself complaining about their service delivery time. It takes too darn long. Try this white rice seafood platter or the cream base seafood pasta,you will come back to thank me :)

  • I visited 355 for the first time about 2 years ago, My Friend took me there for a frozen magarita. It was strawberry flavored or so, i don't remember now but it was sooo good, I always go there with friends for their frozen cocktails. They have a drink called wahalarita ( which apparently is great for dealing with heartbreak lol ) Finger foods here are good, for some reason the environment hasn't permitted me to try a full meal (maybe cos i'm typically there at 'happy hours' when its really full)

  • nokbyalara (2 years ago)

    I visit Nok especially for the TigerNut popsicles. They're yummy, and arguably the most decently priced item on the menu (they have some puff puff for NGN 2,500, well it has chocolate inside it but that's beside the point- its still puff puff). The ambience is a 100, and its such a picture worthy location. make sure your phone is charged!

  • JGates Visuals (3 years ago)

    Everyone looks pretty in JGates photos- End of story. His photo edits work for me, not overly photo shopped or extremely 'saturated' If i had a major event, he will be one of my top options.

  • The Place (3 years ago)

    Grab and go food- I like that theres ALWAYS Asun, like ALWAYS. Very wide variety of foods. Very well priced too. The take-away box says 'best consumed within 15 minutes'- believe them. After about 20 minutes the food starts tasting funny,

  • Agoyin (3 years ago)

    I tasted the newly launched beans from agoyin,com recently, it was very well done, and the price was great as well.

  • Mega chicken (3 years ago)

    Closecompetiton for The Place. They have an even larger variety of food to choose from, and the prices are great as well.

  • Ive seen his work on instagram. Pretty impressive

  • Grab and go food, TFC is one of the few places that serves sweet-to-bone chicken, The chicken must spend dayssss in marinade. Their jollof rice is classic, they also serve yamarita and some delicious pepper sauce (which is never enough ) but tastes great, though

  • They have really nice sandwiches. I typically go there for the macaroons. I think they have the best in Lagos, closely followed by Chocolate Royal.

  • The B hive (2 years ago)

    I went to BHive with a plan to order plain jollof rice. Was convinced by the waitress to try something called BHive fried rice. I'm glad I obliged her. It was perfectly spicy , the side of the additons were perfect for rice. ( I really struggle to understand why some restaurants put large chunks of chicken / beef in rice , it's distrActing, please. ) I was happy with the good , the drinks however we're simply shitty. I tried a mojito, no Bueno. Tried a fresh fruit drink which Ideally shouldn't go wrong but alas.. I ended up ordering water. Will dec return for the food.

  • Shoprite (2 years ago)

  • Bukka Hut (2 years ago)

    Similar to yellow chili, they have food that sort of tastes like food you will make at home; which makes it an easy drop by the place for take away food. I believe t becomes a lounge/bar at night? not too sure. decent food overall

  • I went to Laserdem because i was breaking out for whatever reason. My friend found them on the internet and suggested i try. They spent some time talking to me (I had to pay for consultation)- and i got the feeling they already decided what products they were going to give me; the discussion or face examination weren't factors in determining that. I was given a 4 products- A face wash , Retin-A, An anti spot serum and a sunscreen Items 3 and 4 i found useless- You can do without them (any other spot entrancement or sunscreen that probably costs way less would do the same job). The most useful part of the treatment was the face wash and the Retin- A. I ran out of the face wash and went back to buy more, they had none and offered me a glycolic acid face-wash by Obagi. it was much more expensive, and 2 weeks later im beginning to break out again (so clearly doesn't work for me). I intend t try their facial peels- fingers crossed on that.

  • I go to Jevinik when I'm really hungry, and still, I'm unable to finish the food. (Their portions are really large). I always have their jollof rice- easy breezy with a consistent taste and flavor. A bit o upgrading the ambience wouldn't hurt, though

  • Don't go to Maroccaine starving, Their Shawarma takes over an hour from booking to collection, i wonder how long proper food takes

  • Probably the best priced gym on the island, but that also reflects on the number of subscribers. the gym is ALWAYS full, and has really long queues for key classes. the bathroom aren't too great, there's no swimming pool/ sauna (which is a major consideration for me in gym selection)

    The Fitness Central Replied: Thank you

  • My coffee Lagos (2 years ago)

    I spend a lot of time working from my coffee Lagos. It's a smallish place- but space is well managed. High chairs facing a see through glass that overlooks the parking area; fresh and nice tasting sandwiches. I prefer my coffee Lagos to other coffee shops mainly because of the food variety available- I can eat there 3 times in one day without getting bored. Their bathroom, however, is a MESS. Theres just one bathroom (which is terrible when you consider the human traffic). I end up going to have lunch at neighboring restaurants, just to use their bathroom

  • HairByBeesroots (2 years ago)

    I was at the salon recently and the lady next to me had this silky , gorgeous hair. I asked her where it was from and I immediately found their Instagram page, got their number and sent them an inquiry via WhatsApp. It went downhill from here. First, whoever attends to their WhatsApp phone was very unattentive; I had to keep 'helloing' to get her attention. After a long pause, she refers me to another WhatsApp number (apparently handled by the owner herself). I reach out and things get even worse. Long and short, hair was to get to me on a tuesday or so, I reached out the day before and was told the person to color the hair didnt open or something, delivery dates kept getting pushed forward (i had to keep reaching out to ask), i finally got the hair at almost midnight on the Friday after. The hair is Okay, but i won't be patronizing them anymore.