How do I write a review?

To write a review you'll need to create a YourGreenBook user account if you don't already have one.

Once you're logged in, you can locate the business you're trying to review by using the search bar located at the top of any page on the website. Enter what you're looking for in the first window (either a specific business or a category), and the location in the second. There are also search filters you can use to narrow your results.

Once you've located the business page, it's simple: click or tap Write a Review and you'll be led through the remaining steps to finish.

Please note that if you're unable to locate the business, you may need to add it to YGB.

How do I edit one of my reviews?

You can edit a review to correct a mistake or include something you forgot about your original experience. If you want to post about a newer experience you had with the business, you can post a review update.

Go to the Reviews section of your account.
Click Edit review (the pencil icon) below the review you would like to edit.
Edit the review text.
Click Post to save your edited review.

What kind of places can I review on YourGreenBook?

While some people think that YGB is only for reviewing restaurants and lounges, we actually have almost a hundred categories of business types that users can review – almost anything you have a local experience or interaction with (although there are guidelines and restrictions). And if we're missing anything, you can add it to our directory.

What should I include in my review?

The best reviews are passionate and personal. They offer a rich narrative, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for other consumers.

Think about your recent experience at a business - could you put details in there that would help future consumers like you?

Try detailing your favorite (or least favorite) dishes at your local restaurant. Talk about an experience that will keep you coming back (or staying away) for years to come. Highlight an employee who went the extra mile to make your experience memorable. Include tips about the best time to arrive, where to park, or where the best seating is. Describe why you’ll be using this service (plumber, caterer, contractor, etc.) again for your next project.

What should I leave out of my review?

You should aim to keep your review accurate and reflective of a genuine, personal experience. For example, personal opinions (“the food here is the best”) are good, but speculation or exaggeration (“they probably use frog meat in their afang”) is something we frown upon.

How can I change the name on my user account?

To change the name on your user account:

Go to the Account Settings section of your account
Click Profile.
Enter the new name you'd like to use.
Click Save Changes.

Please keep in mind that promotional or offensive usernames aren't allowed and using one may result in the closure of your account. Also note that you'll need to use your real name in order to be eligible for any future promotional offers.

How do I bookmark businesses that I'd like to review or try?

To bookmark a business page from YourGreenBook.com

Log in to your user account.
Find the business page that you would like to bookmark.
Click Bookmark at the top of the business page.

The Bookmarks tab in your account shows a list of the business pages you've bookmarked. If you'd like to make your bookmarks private, click Make Private. Public is the default setting and will allow anyone to see your bookmark list.

How do I change the email address I use to log in to my user account?

To change the email address on your user account:

Go to the Account Settings section of your account.
Click Email / Notifications.
Add or edit your email address at the top of the page.

How do I change the password for my user account?

To change the password for your user account, go to the Password section of Account Settings and follow the instructions.

If you forgot your password, you can enter your registered email for a password reset. If you're still having trouble with your password or logging in to your account, please contact our Support team.